Evelyn Street Reserve has been transformed into an active and fun playspace, and is now home to two gigantic Ants! The custom-designed ‘Worker Ant’ Junior Multiplay and ‘Bull Ant’ Senior Multiplay along with themed equipment, play panels, nature play elements encourage imaginative and active play whilst fostering interest in the natural environment.

Following a nature-inspired approach, the concept design for an ant-themed play equipment was created by City of Monash’s Landscape Architect in charge of the project. From sketches provided by the client, Proludic was able to custom design two enormous ‘Ant’ Multiplay structures that cater for both younger and older children. The play equipment, which features earthtone colours, fosters interest in the natural world around us, stimulates imaginative play whilst developing children’s skills and confidence through the various play elements.

The ‘Worker Ant’ Junior Multiplay unit is designed for children aged 2-8 years old. It includes a range of climbing challenges, a crawling tunnel, a fireman’s pole and a slide all designed to develop children’s’ fine and gross motor skills. The ant-themed play equipment engages young children in social and role play where they can pretend to be ants climbing and crawling about in search for food. It also helps them develop their curiosity, learn about nature and insects.

Facing the ‘Worker Ant’, there is the Giant ‘Bull Ant’ Senior Multiplay suitable for ages 5-12. The design of the structure allows children to self-manage the level of challenge they are comfortable with while providing multiple opportunities for further adventure as they have fun and develop their climbing skills and confidence.

On reaching the top of the ‘Bull Ant’, children go down the thrilling Fireman’s pole. Or they can choose to descend the slide placed at the back of the Ant.

The playground also features additional inclusive Proludic play equipment that provides opportunities for all children to interact in a safe, yet stimulating, environment:

  • The Dragster (J3601) themed play equipment fires-up the imagination of the little racing drivers aged 1 to 8 years old
  • The inclusive Wagon Play Table (J2619) includes large and accessible seats placed around a central play activity. It stimulates the senses of sight and touch and encourages communication and social interaction amongst children
  • The three Play Panels (The Flowers Board Panel J3402; Four in a Row R34-FIROW3 and Tic Tac Toe R34-FITICTAC3) directly accessible at ground level stimulates children’s cognitive ability, concentration and hand-eye coordination
  • The Wooby Springer (J832) enhances toddlers’ sense of balance and help them to coordinate their movements whilst they enjoy the fun rocking sensation

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Site Evelyn Street Reserve, Clayton, Victoria 3168

Client City of Monash

Age Range from 2 years old

Opened November 2019

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