“The feedback from parents and children at our centre has been extremely positive. Parents are most impressed by the early childhood specific play equipment we have installed and how beautiful it looks” (Jolene Humphrey, President of the Eaton Family Centre Committee). 

Eaton Family Centre in Western Australia recently upgraded its outdoor play spaces with Proludic play equipment designed for the early childhood sector. Eaton Family Centre has two outdoor areas - the Playgroup area for children from birth to 3 years; and the Pre-Kindy area for 3-4 year olds.

The Playgroup area for the youngest children features a Proludic Tiboo Multi Play, Locomotive and two Springers. The Pre-Kindy area features a Vivarea Multi Play, Amy the Airbus, Speed Gyro, Small Basket Swing and Springers.

Jolene Humphrey, President of the Eaton Family Centre Committee, found that Proludic was able to provide the most suitable and aesthetically pleasing play equipment for the early childhood age group.

“Our main aim was to choose equipment that was specific and suitable to children under 5. We also wanted to purchase equipment that encouraged role play and social skills, a fundamental aspect of Early Childhood development.

The crawling access to Tiboo was exactly the kind of thing we were looking for. We fell in love with the Locomotive, Amy the Airbus and the various Springers that were available in vibrant colours.”

The centre is delighted with the upgrade to the two play areas, and has even had more families enrol at the centre since the project was completed.

“Since completing our project the feedback from parents, children and the wider community has been overwhelming.

Seeing the smiles and excitement on the children’s faces has been a wonderful reward for all the dedication on behalf of the committee.

With a 20 per cent increase in enrolments, we are convinced that our new outdoor areas have motivated more families to join our centre,” said Jolene.

Many parents have made positive comments regarding the Proludic play equipment provided in the outdoor play areas:

“I love the little plane; my little boy would play on it for hours,” Kylie (mother of two boys - 3 years; and 18 months old).

“The colours are beautiful and it is unlike any play equipment we have seen in this area,” Claire (mother of two boys – 3 years and 2 months; and 18 months old).

 “I love that it looks different from the normal plastic playgrounds that you see around the place,” Michelle (mother of three - Riley 5 years; Declan 2 years; and Matilda 5 weeks).

“My daughter loves the basket swing; she was sitting in there with two friends the other day swinging off to play with the fairies apparently,” Breanna (mother of Kate – 3 years old).

To find out more on our ranges for early childhood please contact us on 02 94858700 or email: info@proludic.com.au

Images (top to bottom): Tiboo Multi Play; Playgroup Area; Crawling access to Tiboo; and Small Pod Swing.

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