For 40 years Natureworks has been a specialist in producing life-sized, highly detailed wildlife, prehistoric and themed sculpture replicas. Natureworks offers over thirty prehistoric playground props through to custom built individualised dino-play discovery pits. Turn your children into young palaeontologists with dinosaur themes which never age. A beautiful addition to any outdoor setting are our dinosaur heads, which are designed to spark the fervent imaginations of children.

Natureworks’ dinosaur heads are designed to appear from thick vegetation in an outdoor setting or to hang off a wall within a themed courtyard space. They complement a prehistoric themed playground setting adding interest in what would otherwise have been a blank wall. They could even aid in giving relevance and effectiveness to our prehistoric mural art backdrops by adding a 3 dimensional aspect which helps with the realism of the space. Each life like dinosaur head comes with a hanging bracket ready to be mounted flush to the wall and is a realistic replica with high detailed features and is made from lightweight durable fibreglass.

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Visit www.natureworks.com.au
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