The Natureworks team recently completed the reconstructed artificial coral bommie formations for the underwater observatory and the living reef and on-land lagoon which wraps around the central resort building on Daydream Island.

Home to more than 100 species of aquatic creatures the lagoon uses seawater directly drawn from the ocean, circulated, without treatment and discharged into the marine park, without filtration.

The man-made feature created a land-based extension to the Great Barrier Reef offering a unique and safe snorkelling experience, underwater observatory reef education centre and underwater function facility.

This unique reconstructed artificial reef with live corals and fish provides another man-made coral reef experience similar to the Natureworks creation of Shark Bay at Sea World built in 2002.

This featured a major coral reef snorkelling and dive experience with over 10,000 castings of Natureworks synthetic elastomer corals and bommies built over a one-hectare lagoon complex.

These two man-made coral reef experiences are providing thousands of visitors with the unforgettable experience of diving on a coral reef without the inherent dangers.

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