Functional training systems are the most popular choice for outdoor fitness locations. This is mainly due to the popularity of activities such as cross-training, bootcamp training, calisthenics and street workouts, which all are supported by Urban Play’s Cross-Training range. The base exercises performed on the award-winning Cross Systems range are the same regardless of the participant's age or fitness level.

The intensity can be determined by adjusting the body position to add more or less resistance, or even opting for a light/medium/heavy weight. This is based on the belief that the specific needs of athletes, those beginning their fitness journey and seniors, differ by degree rather than by functional movement type. Highly functional equipment combined with a space ideal for group classes and social interaction is one of the keys to motivate more people to be active.

The Cross-Training range includes fitness bikes, steps, suspension trainers, magnetic bells, pullup bars, core trainers and much more!

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