Newport’s Bert Payne Reserve Inclusive Playground on Sydney’s Northern Beaches features Proludic’s play equipment. Proludic was commissioned to provide play equipment that’s inclusive and appropriate for a wide range of abilities, and to provide playful opportunities for children with physical and learning disabilities, as well as sensory impairments. Their design approach for the project followed their universal design principles for the real integration of disabled children in play areas. When the park opened in December 2016, children from a local Special School were invited along and were thrilled to discover the new playground.

“This inclusive playground means kids of all abilities can play together on the same equipment, reducing any sense of separateness or inequality. A great aspect of this playground is that disability support organisation Northern Beaches Interchange, as well as local parents, have helped us develop it for a diverse range of kids,” said Northern Beaches Council Administrator Dick Persson AM.

The playground creates a world of fun for children of all ages and abilities and features Proludic’s award-winning, inclusively designed J2684 Recycling Truck, the first of its kind in Australia. The Recycling Truck features many different play activities such as climbing, sliding, balancing, manipulative play, observation and thinking games. Educational play panels associated with the recycling theme are present throughout the equipment: they are accessible from both inside and outside the structure. A wheelchair-accessible ramp and a large space inside enables children in wheelchairs to play with other children, regardless of the different abilities of each child. There is also plenty of room for carers to assist.

Other inclusive items of play equipment in the playground include:

  • The J2614 Jeep enhances social and imaginative play options
  • The J3410 Tubophones provide a fun way to communicate with friends and carers
  • The IP412 Chime Solo brings movement and sound together to help develop coordination and focus
  • The Australian Animals Play Panel, a new product developed for Australia, features a wombat, wallaby, platypus and frog, with footprints to match. The recessing of the footprints into the panel helps cater for children with vision impairments and increases the tactile opportunities for all children
  • The R34-ETP-000 Trampoline is a very popular play item as it is simple to use and the movement is stimulating for all children. With the assistance of a carer it is possible for a wheelchair user to enter and use the trampoline
  • The J477, J481, J441 swing sets, wheelchair accessible IP12 Wheelspin and J858 Face-to-Face Springer combine motor coordination and sensory stimulation and encourage social play. The supportive features also help children feel secure
  • The J2880 Picnic Table allows children and adults to rest and interact, and is directly accessible by wheelchair
  • The J2584-M Ixo Multi Play climbing unit includes opportunities for climbing, sliding and role play for older children. The elevated platform allows children to enjoy the feeling of altitude, whilst the Speed Slide allows for a whole new way of sliding

Northern Beaches Council has provided a wonderful play facility for the whole community, complete with accessible pathways, seating, shade, barbecues and sandstone sculptures.

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