Urban Play continues to challenge the status quo in playground design with their latest project at Bells Reach, Caloundra. Located within Stage 17 of the environmentally conscious development, the newest playground aligns with the blue theme of the existing award-winning adventure park, and features another world-first play structure: Corocord’s Jellyfish tower.

This 4D climbing structure not only offers a wide range of play activities, from climbing, swinging, and balancing, but represents the crown jewel of the playspace through aesthetically stunning design. Tentacles comprised of ropes and balancing cables with rubber steps extend from the tower’s upper sphere, while climbers can also access the sphere via a vertical net tunnel. Children can experience the thrill of the fireman’s pole to reach the ground, where rubber softfall art brings to mind rolling ocean waves.

Toddlers and parents can enjoy a dedicated area design to encourage socialisation, interaction with adults, and learning through tactile and sensory play. The playground’s lower level offers age-appropriate activities such as swinging, sliding, and climbing, and features a sand and water workstation and mermaid’s fountain for water play. Adults and teenagers are also catered for with fitness facilities including an exercise bike, cross-trainer and parallel bars.

The previous playground instalment has won multiple awards since its opening in 2013; most notably, the 2014 Parks and Leisure Australia (Qld) Playspace Award of Excellence. The park has become a community hub for residents and a drawcard for visitors all over south-east Queensland. Stockland development manager, Hannah Madill said they hoped the new playground would achieve similar acclaim. ‘Parks and playgrounds are the heart of every community, it is in our best interest to invest the time, budget and effort to ensure that Stockland parks are world class which is why we choose to engage with Urban Play for their creativity in this rapidly evolving space.’ The new active park has been officially open for play since the 27th September 2014.

Ben Urban, a key player in the playground’s design and installation, said this much anticipated instalment of recreational facilities for Bells Reach represented a departure from traditional forms of play. “The play space has an aesthetic presence which both compliments the existing blue park but is iconic in its own right. The design focuses on elements of sand and water, and the world-first jellyfish set high up on the embankment sets the scene for this junior focus play area. The ground play elements provide additional inclusive play opportunities that kids of all abilities can enjoy.”

The design and construction of Bells Reach Stage 17 was a joint venture for Stockland Developments between AECOM and Eureka Landscapes with all play equipment designed and supplied by Urban Play and KOMPAN.

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