Over 1500m² of Rosehill TPV® was installed for the Blaxland Riverside Park in Sydney Olympic Park, NSW. The project was undertaken in two stages, initially in 2011 and then the remaining work was completed in 2012. This park is one of a many that make up the Sydney Olympic Parklands.

Located on the shores of Parramatta River, and spread over 3 hectares, this play space provides a colourful combination of elements such as the high and steep landforms, water and sand, nets, slides, tunnels and hidden spaces.

The surfaces of this park continue to perform under high pedestrian traffic today, demonstrating continued resistance to colour fading and the uncompromised tactile integrity of the surface.

The RosehillTPV® is unique in rubber wetpour, the individual virgin rubber granules are not porous and therefore they do not absorb the polyurethane binder used in the wetpour process. This product guaranteed that rather than hardening over time, the surface stays soft and continues to perform as intended. When combined with a regular maintenance program the surface will provide years of use at a peak level of performance.

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