KOMPAN shows the universe how play equipment can be stunningly designed and crafted to change the way kids learn and play. With over 20 product ranges to choose from, Urban Play has a play structure for every age, ability, theme and space imaginable.

Our imaginative play equipment tantalises with easily recognisable themes for children, sparking the imagination and supporting the development of important social skills. Boys will love our pirates, outer space, dinosaurs, and vehicles themed play structures for all age groups. For the girls, we have fairy tales, animals, house and garden themed play structures. All play structures are brightly coloured to enhance the play experience and develop spatial awareness. Exciting sensory features ensure endless hours of play.

The GALAXY and ELEMENTS range are aimed at the adolescence age group, reinventing conventional ideas of what playground equipment should look like. These futuristic play structures entice kids with their transparent obstacle design, requiring route-planning and complex movements. Kids’ imaginations and abilities are stretched with multi-level climbing, hanging and balancing challenges.

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We design, supply and install public playgrounds to keep kids and parents active and outdoors. Play is our passion; the world is your playground