by Replas

A unique 40 metre floating jetty made almost entirely from recycled products has provided a safe and more accessible solution for the Gove Boat Club in the Northern Territory.

Constructed from tyres filled with polyurethane form, recycled plastic Enduroplank™ was chosen as the ideal material to use for the decking as it needs no painting or maintenance and is flexible enough to transition with the tide.

Harry Rowe from Tire-Link Floating Jetties said a “Floating jetty acts as a continuous breakwater against waters and wind, making boarding a boat easier and safer”, adding that “in addition to its flexibility, the jetty is strong enough to survive extreme weather conditions and rough bottom locations”.

“The major benefit of Enduroplank™ decking is that it not only provides a non-slip surface, but the grooved boards offer visual assurance to users that they will not slip. Increasing safety is highly important on a surface that is often wet and may slope downhill” said Harry.

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