Residential project in Livorno, Italy

Through his architecture firm Studio Lotti, Daniele Lotti has been providing a wide range of services, from design to construction, since the early 80s. He speaks highly of Esthec® Terrace and has used it lately in two prestigious residential projects in the Italian harbour town of Livorno.

Mr Lotti explains, “In many of our recent projects, we’ve been making connections between indoor and outdoor spaces. For me, it’s important that day-to-day living, both inside the home and out, is the best it can be. Naturally, we make higher demands on materials used outdoors, since these are continuously exposed to the weather. However, I want to use materials – from lighting to floors – that offer the same quality and flexibility outside the home as those used indoors.”

“The resident wanted to have a whirlpool and a sun terrace outside. Because of the uniformity of material, I opted to use Esthec® Terrace here as well. Both the double whirlpool and the terrace have been fully finished with it. Even in wet conditions, the product had to stay beautiful, provide good grip and never look weathered – these were the main considerations. There’s no comparison between this product and other, non-composite materials.”

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