by Replas

A Coastal Management Study commissioned by Victor Harbor Council in South Australia identified beach pedestrian steps on the Esplanade were at risk of damage or loss due to storms, wave action and sea level rise.
According to the study, "Lightweight timber structures are highly vulnerable to wave uplift forces under wave action storm surge conditions." Timber ramps and steps in the area had been damaged or destroyed several times in recent years and so a better long-term solution was sought by the council.
"Council selected this option as it provided a good outcome from a sustainability and asset management perspective, as well as providing a user friendly and aesthetic alternative to other access options."  Brian Doman, Manager Environment & Recreation, Victor Harbour Council.
The new staircase was constructed using recycled-plastic Enduroplank™ decking with a light-weight composite fibre sub-structure. This durable structure is resistant to salt water and will provide a virtually maintenance-free solution for more than forty years.

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