by Modular Wall Systems

Modular Wall Systems recently provided 5 Award Winning QuikWall units to a major rail engineering company, for noise attenuation purposes and to break the visual line of sight around locomotive engine test areas. 

The noise around the test areas was measured before the installation of QuikWall, and also afterwards. A reduction in noise of 10dB was required to prevent noise complaints by surrounding businesses.

Installation of the 5 QuikWall units was completed in only a few hours, with the target noise reduction comfortably achieved.  QuikWall units can easily and quickly be relocated, should the engine test area move. This is a big advantage over a more permanent solution and the reason the company chose the solution.

In May 2013, Modular Wall Systems was awarded the Manufacturers' Monthly Steel Innovation Of The Year Award for QuikWall - the world's first moveable, height adjustable temporary noise wall. QuikWall is extremely easy to manoeuvre, has excellent noise mitigation qualities and very significantly reduces the amount of transport required compared to traditional temporary walling solutions. This has a very positive impact on the environmental footprint of any project. 

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