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If you ask professional pool builders what makes a new swimming pool project special, you’d be surprised to know it is not the pool itself, but indeed everything around it. Sure, you need to consider the shape of the pool, the surface finish and the modern filtering systems available, but what are you actually buying when you take the plunge to get a new pool? You’re buying a lifestyle.To help create that lifestyle, the landscaping around the pool, the entertaining areas and the immediate backdrop are important factors.

Modular pool walls are a great option for creating the ultimate look to match your lifestyle. The advantage of using a lightweight modular wall is that you don’t need to engage specialist masonry contractors (bricklayers) that can be expensive to get the job done. Modular walls stand for easy and cost-effective installation: if you can dig a hole you can build a modular wall. Many pool builders add this service to their overall package or indeed a keen DIY-er will love a modular DIY wall installation project over the weekend.

Modular walls are extremely versatile. With a range of finishing options, you can achieve a rendered wall look, add lighting, stack stone or a water feature. Modular walls can be customised with a variety of designer features such as slats, infills and lighting to truly make the pool and its surrounds stand out.

About Modular Wall Systems
Modular Wall Systems have been partnering with pool builders and residential home owners for nearly a decade. Adding value to pool projects by providing a stunning backdrop and an impressive architectural look, modular walls are a great option for those wanting to make their pool project the best it can be.

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