Ecoplant utilises revegetation materials to complete large-scale wetland and bush regeneration projects. With Over 7000 planting projects under their belts – with an average of 40,000 – 50,000 plants per project – the team at Ecoplant are specialists in what they do and dedicated to providing efficient, high quality and innovative services to bush regeneration clients across Australia – to be a part of the regeneration conversation!

Revegetation materials supplied and installed by Ecoplant Australia include:

Plastic Sleeve Tree Guards | Used to increase carbon dioxide levels and humidity around the leaves of the trees and shrubs to promote growth and inhibit UV exposure.

Green Guards | Rigid and durable, green guards provide protection for plants from the elements, herbicide drift, vermin and wildlife attack. Made from UV stabilised, ridgid plastic for longevity.

Jute Squares | Square geotextile mats used on individual trees to allow the soil to breath and air and water to pass through, which supports the growth of desired plants while reducing evaporation and minimising water needs.

Plant Pills | Non-burning and non-leaching. Plant pills are added to plants in landscape and revegetation projects as a longterm fertiliser.

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