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West Eco Water Gardens in Marrickville aimed to integrate stormwater treatment into the local streetscape design to improve the aesthetics, functionality and usability of the green space. As a result, there is now a safe and accessible space for creative and active students by way of an outdoor classroom.

The piloting West Eco Water Garden comprises a 90sqm biofiltration system, ponds, storage tank and UV treatment system, with viewing platforms as teaching decks. It further treats and stores stormwater runoff from a 1.9ha residential street catchment area.

Works comprised of environmental safeguards and traffic control, demolition, excavation and grading, set out and level control, constructing a bioretention basin, constructing three lined ponds, stormwater pipework and pits. In addition, there was also the supply and installation of pumps, water treatment equipment, valves and storage tanks. This was followed by connection to an electrical supply, isolation of and connection to existing potable water system. Finally, the project was completed with the construction of concrete kerbs and gutters including driveway layback, installation of vehicle gates, supply and installation of timber pedestrian bridge and platforms, and soft landscaping works.

West Eco Water Gardens was undertaken on behalf of Inner West Council, resulting from a partnership formed between Council, Marrickville West Public School and NSW Department of Education. Growth Civil Landscapes was proud to provide this serene expanse to the school and surrounding area, increasing local knowledge and skills for sustainable water management.

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