Marcus Constructions’ large inhouse steel fabrication facility can expertly cut, bend and assemble a diverse range of imagined outputs ranging from simple steel edging to complex engineered architectural structures.

Quality metal componentry and framing are at the core of almost every successful modern landscaping or construction project installation that we work on. Because Marcus Constructions is capable of steel fabrication inhouse, it can often eliminate the expensive inefficiencies of switching between multiple contractors.

Marcus Constructions plays an active role in the entire steel fabrication process through its strong partnerships with engineers, industrial designers and architects.

Marcus Constructions offers expert consultation, design, shop drawings, inhouse fabrication, instalment and maintenance.

Marcus Constructions’ in-depth service ensures that it consistently provides customers with practical, cost-effective fit-for-purpose steel solutions.

Marcus Constructions’ extensive steel fabrication capabilities include:

  • Shade structures
  • Steel edging
  • Custom steel planters
  • Street furniture
  • Architectural structures
  • Tree guards and grates
  • Structural modifications
  • Bespoke componentry and parts

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