A vibrant and dynamic makeover sees an engaging collection of spaces created, catering to the needs of students and professors.
CRAB Studio have completed the ‘departments of law and central administration’ at Vienna University, part of the ongoing development at the campus, master planned by BUSarchitektur.

Using their experience of working in colleges, Sir Peter Cook and Gavin Robotham ensured that a vibrant and dynamic building was constructed, comprising an engaging collection of spaces which cater for the needs of students and professors during classes and outside of teaching hours.

The vibrant and dynamic building comprises an engaging collection of interior and exterior spaces. The scheme is made up of two long buildings which frame a central plaza, connecting the site within the urban landscape. Bright and bold façades add colour to the design, while elevations are clad in locally sourced timber louvers, protecting the internal volumes from the sun, and reflecting the university’s woodland setting. Over time the structure will be covered in natural vegetation, allowing the design to become part of the surrounding environment.

The scheme’s various levels protrude from one another, forming external balconies and roof terraces where students and teachers can meet, converse and debate. The campus also hosts zaha hadid’s ‘library and learning centre’, alongside a number of other works by renowned practices.