SANAA‘s proposal for the Nobel Centre Headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, features six transparent spheres of varying proportions crafted to reflect the city’s undulating skyline.
Designed to serve as both a place of learning and a site of relaxation, the ‘Nobel Sphere’ competition entry would form a new civic forum for the region, open to the public all year round.

The globed volumes merge and intersect, creating a series of spaces which feel connected to all parts of the site. The transparent skin of the design ensures that interior areas form a constant and direct bond with the surrounding context, cementing the centre’s relationship with the waterfront, and offering unobstructed views to other parts of the city.

The zero energy building provides comfortable conditions for its occupants throughout the year. During warm summer months the interior is shaded and cooled naturally, clad with retractable photovoltaic membranes, while advanced ventilation systems ensure that air is constantly circulated and recycled. Throughout Sweden’s cold winters, the spheres become warm and inviting glowing beacons, offering respite from the external climate.