A proposed residential project offers an atmosphere of tranquillity and calm, combining French style living with traditional Indian culture.
Designed by Edouard François, ‘Gurgaon 71′ comprises five towers providing panoramic views across the region’s landscape, located less than one hour outside the bustling metropolis of New Delhi.

At the highest point of each structure, ‘green clouds’ form extensions of the towers, ensuring all residents have access to rooftop accommodation. Private elevators directly connect the apartment units with these terraces, in which flowers and organic vegetables can grow. These cool shaded areas protect inhabitants from the hot Indian sun, like tea pavilions in the grounds of a French castle.

Internally, luxury double height apartments are clad with warm natural materials, such as marble and wood, with an area reserved for a divinity altar, respecting the country’s religious culture.

A vast open plaza, connecting the lobbies of the three towers, contains a large pool, where reeds and water lilies grow alongside a communal swimming basin.