by Australian Garden Show Sydney

AMAZE AT THE AUSTRALIAN GARDEN SHOW, SYDNEY 2014aMaze: a garden for growing gardeners.

This year at the Garden Show, we are introducing aMaze, an exploratory garden area created for children.

Children have an instinctive affinity with nature and the growing world. The little things; worms, bugs, flower petals, smells and the feeling of dirt on skin entrance them.

aMaze is an environment where children can explore the growing world and participate in ‘process’ activities that are connected to the earth-soul of the child.

Designed to encourage children to explore and participate in all aspects of gardening and nature, the aMaze garden area has been curated to introduce children to the beauty ,wonder and dirt of gardening.

Each activity allows children to experience the interconnectedness of nature and allows them to be part of the natural cycle of life and growth and decomposition and learn how each of these things are interdependent.

The Seedlings of Wonder presentations in the Garden Shed range from children’s yoga, musical performances, a raw vegetable demonstration, and much more.

The centrepiece of aMaze is the no-dig garden spiral which will be developed over the four days with groups adding new sections of the spiral and helping to create a mosaic serpent that runs through the spiral.

All aMaze activities are free for children and are focused on building a strong connection with the cycle of life; where food comes from, how to grow it, how to eat it, fresh and unprocessed and how the leftovers go back to the earth to grow more food.

The area will have assistance by experienced adults, who will help direct and monitor activities so children have a great experience. Children need to be under the care of an adult at all times.

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