The Sunshine Coast University Hospital is one of South East Queensland’s most notable private public partnerships in recent years; a $1.8 billion dollar project with a strong emphasis on healing green vistas, incorporating expansive outdoor gardens and verdant indoor courtyards into the hospital’s design. Timberwolf proudly partnered with Landscape Solutions on this project, installing over 55,000 plants into indoor and outdoor formal gardens.

Precision and attention to detail were pre-requisites of this planting project, with Timberwolf’s crew undertaking a large portion of the plant set out according to intricate landscape plans. Plant identification was a necessary requirement, as was coordination and logistics according to unique challenges of the project. Planting of upper indoor courtyards required organising plant transport via crane and revealed the true potential of Timberwolf’s crew as they worked closely alongside the Landscape Solutions team to find efficient and smart solutions to these onsite challenges.

Timberwolf also worked closely alongside Landscape Solutions to ensure full compliance with the comprehensive requirements of the unionised site. Additionally, flexible scheduling allowed Timberwolf to integrate seamlessly into the variable production schedule, scaling up and down as necessary across the twelve months they were onsite.

The Sunshine Coast University Hospital is scheduled for full opening in April 2017. 

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