The shallow drain between rows in Macadamia Orchard, Rous Mill, was showing signs of erosion due to the flow of water, cutting a deep channel and beginning of erosion issues. A long-term solution was needed to support the water flow and vegetation growth, as well as something that would support tractors for mowing and maintenance and harvesting vehicles driving on it.

Australian Concrete Mats delivered 18 rolls of concrete mat to the site and an excavator levelled and prepared the eroded drain, shaping a channel for water flow. The drain was seeded underneath and mats were supplied with a Nutrition mat underlay. laid end to end, the mats were overlapped at the end to create a continuous flow.

Completed in only eight hours with minimal labour, the mats will reduce the speed of the water when it flows down the drain during heavy rains. It will also encourage vegetation growth and reduce sediment loss, providing long-term benefits for the environment.

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