Earth Repair Ecology Pty Ltd recently completed a large and challenging noxious and environmental weed control contract in the Blue Mountains rail corridor for Sydney Trains (formally RailCorp). The scope of work involved treatment for a list of target weeds including Blackberry, English broom, Montpellier broom, Conteaster, Willow and Pampas grass. Works were carried out between October 2012 and April 2013. The project boundaries were Linden to Blackheath and Mt Victoria to Oakey Park (an outer suburb of Lithgow).

Woody weeds including Blackberry were treated by high volume herbicide spraying with Grazon. Pampas grass was sprayed with Glyphosate at a dilution of 3%.

The team consisted of two Earth Repair Ecology Staff equipped with a 4WD mounted twin reel 600 litre QuikSpray unit and one Rail Safety Officer following in a separate 4WD vehicle.

While it was possible to drive through sections of the rail corridor it was often necessary to access weeds from adjacent roads such as the Great Western Highway, the Darling Causeway and Bells Line of Road. This was made easier as each reel was equipped with 200 metres of high pressure hose.

Target weeds were also treated along a section of the corridor that runs through a series of tunnels at Zig Zag. This work involved a team of three Earth Repair Ecology Pty Ltd staff equipped with back packs and telescopic spray wands walking along the track during a weekend possetion. Weeds of course do not respect property boundaries and there is a need to locate and treat weeds growing outside the rail corridor particularly Blackberry at townships such as Wentworth Falls.