Mettros restrooms deliver outstanding results on Mentone beach for the city of Kingston

Mentone Beach is located along the foreshore of Beaumaris Bay about 23 kilometres south west of Melbourne, Victoria and forms part of the City of Kingston. The beach is known for its eroded bluffs and excellent walking track that winds along the beachfront, along the route there are numerous locations for parking and beach access. Two parking and access areas at the southern end of Mentone beach have recently undergone facility upgrades to a modern restroom and change room facility. As the City of Kingston has already installed a number of the Mettros anti-vandal restrooms and have found a huge benefit from having them, they wanted the same high quality low maintenance solution fitted but with change room space for visitors to this prestige area.

Kingston council in conjunction with Hede Architects in South Melbourne designed a footprint that would fit into the existing locations and enable the use of the standard Mettros restroom but incorporate a clever high aesthetic elliptical design. This design allows for change rooms to be included in both long ends of the facility. As the two restroom facilities were right on the exposed beach front the standard high use of stainless steel included in the Mettros restrooms was proven to be preferred for its strength, ease of maintenance and anti-corrosion properties.

The Mettros units were firstly placed in position with a crane as it is pre-manufactured in the factory on its own structural slab which houses all the plumbing (for easy relocation if ever required). Then the surrounding steel work was erected and the roof and brick works were laid in place to finish the whole facility off. The finished product has real appeal, with brown brick and highlights of stainless steel. The elliptical design with flat roof blends into the surrounding high value area and is very unobtrusive.

One facility can be located at the end of Antibes Street and the other at the end of Dixon Street in Mentone, along Beach Road.

Mettros restrooms are located all over Australia and with its many features and benefits there’s no wonder we are seeing these highly commended restrooms become increasingly sort after by councils.

Architect: Hede Architects

Client: City of Kingston

Location: Mentone Beach, Victoria

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