“Surface water management is crucial to the safety of pedestrian walkways and shared areas. The risk of slips in poorly designed areas is high, and liability can extend to architects and designers.”

heelgratex600ACO Polycrete understands the importance of creating pedestrian safe external spaces. A wealth of information from recent studies supports the benefits of creating more walkable cities, improving the urban environment for those that live and work within its confines.

To create effective walkable cities, pedestrian thoroughfares and public spaces must be designed with the user in mind in order to avoid preventable hazards. Slip, trip and fall hazards in poorly designed spaces carry significant risk with inevitable legal consequences, which can be prevented – saving liability cost into the millions – through considered planning and correct specification of appropriate infrastructure.

Another central consideration for creating pedestrian safe external areas is compliance with relevant legislation and building standards. The National Construction Code, including the Building Code of Australia, only applies to building works and is therefore inapplicable to most exterior areas. However, individual councils have their own extensive planning regulations for external spaces, especially when it comes to streetscapes. Accessibility and disabled access requirements are also important.

For guidance on how to design pedestrian friendly spaces and minimise risk in the public domain, ACO Polycrete has created An Industry Guide to Integrating Drainage into Pedestrian Friendly External Areas based on expert industry knowledge.



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