As part of the development of new and existing road infrastructure, Governments are required to assess and maintain road surfaces, transport networks and drainage systems.

The Australian Government made a large commitment to investing $50 billion into transport infrastructure which will result in the development of new and existing roads, highways and transport links across Australia. This will allow local councils and state governments to update their roads and fund land transport projects which will in turn improve economic growth.

The redevelopment process to advance and sustain roads across the country will see drainage upgrades as a fundamental part of improvements, to help to reduce the rise in costs caused by flooding litigation and damage to road surfaces through change in weather conditions.

ACO is an established drainage provider that works hard to develop innovative solutions to manage surface water that can potentially pose hazards to road users and can cause damage to road surfaces, commercial and residential properties.

During research and comparison from ACO, it was found that there were significant advantages to using ACO’s TraffikDrain and ACO’s KerbDrain in comparison to the traditional kerb inlet pit and pipe systems.

Safety Elements

  • Using trench drainage can remove the need for multiple pits to reduce standing water, slip hazards whilst helping to prolong pavements
  • Reduce the risk of aquaplaning created by excess water in traffic lanes
  • Fast removal of water from the road via high capacity slot inlets


  • The installation is shallow giving less interference with current services and reduced risk of expensive maintenance
  • KerbDrain removes the need to build another kerb and drainage system
  • In comparison to deep trenches for pipes, a shallow excavation only is required


  • TraffikDrain grates allow maintenance crews to identify blockages quicker and easier
  • Maintenance such as rubbish and waste can easily be removed via the TraffikDrain grate above the blockage
  • KerbDrain Inspection units can be implemented anywhere along the run

As part of the new Austroads construction and planning developments, ACO’s solutions are available in their new design guide. ACO is dedicated to helping local and national governments and organisations to prolong the life of roads, protect property and, above all, make roads safer.

If you require full details on why ACO’s products are a more viable solution for design and planning, a full comparison can be found here.

To learn more about ACO’s transportation infrastructure drainage products, click here.




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