Many local council areas appreciate the value of providing bench seating in public locations. Benches offer a convenient seating option that can cater for several people at one time, and they are also economical in terms of space and price.

In busy city settings, bench seats can serve as a resting point in shopping precincts or as convenient locations to sit while waiting for public transport. Benches are also the ideal spot to sit and enjoy the scenery along the foreshore.

Bench seating is also ideal as park furniture, offering outdoor seating for visitors to a public barbeque or just allowing parents to comfortably supervise children playing at sporting fields, parks or school grounds.

Regardless of the purpose, bench seating is the ideal solution for many applications. The key to selecting the right seating is to consider the style and material used to create the bench so that it is ideally suited to the location where it will be placed.

Citistyle Double Bench

The Citistyle double bench seat offers a modern design that is ideal for shopping centres or for any city setting. The double-wide bench features additional width, which offers extra seating space without needing an extra bench.

The Citistyle range is made using alloy frames and reinforced seating slats to ensure the seat’s durability. It is also fitted with stainless steel anti-theft fixings. The seating slats can be finished in a clear anodized extrusion for that sleek, modern look. Alternatively, the seat surfaces can be powder-coated in a colour to suit a desired colour scheme or surrounding décor.

The Citistyle range also features a relaxing wave seat, designed to suit beach or coastal locations, or even just to offer somewhere to lounge alongside the pool.

Metro Bench Seating

The Metro range of seats and benches is made of marine grade alloy, which helps to prevent cracking and warping. They also feature fully enclosed reinforced extrusions and anti-theft stainless steel fixings.

The durable construction of the Metro range makes them ideal for use in schools or commercial applications, such as worker’s camps on mine sites.

Atessa Platform Bench

The Atessa platform bench is designed to offer ample seating for larger groups of people. Created in a square shape, the platform bench allows for seating on all four sides, which is ideal for outdoor family gatherings or for use in park locations. The Atessa range is also available in a standard bench width or in a double bench.

The Atessa bench seating range is made using all stainless steel fixings and alloy frames for additional durability. The seating slats are also reinforced to be super strong.

The key to choosing the right outdoor bench seating for any need is to consider the correct materials and fittings to suit each individual application. Always ensure the bench seating chosen is designed specifically to withstand exposure to the elements over the long term and is made using quality materials. There are also plenty of styles, sizes and shapes to choose from, so be sure to make your selection based on usage and location.

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