Sita Organics provides high quality products and services for sustainable soil management to home gardeners, locals councils, and customers in horticulture, agriculture, viticulture,  mining, civil works and commercial landscaping.

By returning organic matter and essential nutrients to the soil, Sita Organics contributes to a sustainable future for Australia’s fragile soil systems.

Sita Organics refers to this as ‘closing the organics loop’ as it represents the most environmentally sustainable solution to the recycling of organic matter and essential nutrients required for healthy plant growth.

The SITA Organics ARRT range of products are manufactured through the company’s national network of Organic Resource Recovery and Advanced Resource Technology (ARRT) facilities.

Its extensive range includes composts, mulches, soil improvers, potting mixes and turf underlay.

Sita Organics – making the planet sustainable.

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