It’s a sad state of affairs when you can’t even visit the park for some fresh air. In response to the bad air quality which is affecting many cities in the developing world, orproject has proposed “Bubbles” – a park enclosed in a giant bubble.

“Bubbles” contains all the beauty of the natural world inside a big artificial bubble. It contains a botanical garden where air is filtered and temperature and humidity are controlled; allowing plants from all over the world to be grown year round.

The project’s temperature is regulated through ground source heat exchange, while electricity is generated via solar cells integrated into the roof’s surface.  The surrounding residences, office spaces and retail outlets would also be able to connect to the environment as well, allowing a select few the privilege of this landscape all the time. The project envisions a structure which is light-weight, feasible and created using the geometry of algorithms which imitates the veins in leaves or butterfly wings.

An innovative design concept but hopefully we’re not in that last resort stage yet. Investing in green and energy efficient infrastructure and technology instead will mean  a project like this will never be needed.

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