Tired and weary travellers no need to be hesitant! A dynamic and absorbing new light installation has just been completed at Melbourne Airport. A decidedly contemporary update to the terminal façade, the forecourt and smaller individual surrounding sites are set to be a permanent addition to the infrastructure.

A 14m illuminated ‘Melbourne’ sign characterises the installation as well as an impressive 140m double sided light projection underneath the elevated roadway.

However, in consideration of fatigued and worn out travellers there has been a strict ‘no white light’ ban. Often remarked to be at the forefront of arts and culture, this is a visual experience to inspire people and welcome them to the friendly city of Melbourne, not to overwhelm.

Tipped to become a new landmark, and yet another tourist attraction for the artistic city, the intricate installation consists of 12 individual site, 2,140 individual projects, 40,000 pixels and 57 controlling universes to schedule the light displays. Obviously a project making use of every tool in the shed.

Individual yet, integrated; despite the 12 separate sites, each installation is programed to synchronise. Specialised programming has been utilised in order to celebrate significant days on the Australian Multicultural calendar: Australia Day, Diwali, Chinese New Year and the ever approaching Christmas, just to start. Mortified by the thought of becoming dated, new light shows can still be added to mark other significant events and milestones as needed.

It comes as no surprise that this project resulted from a collaboration between the two Melbourne companies Mint Lighting Design and ENTTEC.

Nobody could overlook the sheer magnitude of this venture, however to fully appreciate it, a trip to Melbourne is certainly required.





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