With the advent of AR technology, people are exploring the virtual world in our parks and public spaces, so Street Furniture Australia has asked the professionals what this technology means for future planning in our cities.

POKEMON-PARK-scInternational phenomenon Pokémon Go has set the spotlight on Augmented Reality (AR) and its potential to transform our spaces and our lives.

If Keiichi Matsuda’s video AR simulation Hyper-Reality hasn’t yet crossed your newsfeed, it’s worth a look. For six unnerving kaleidoscopic minutes, Matsuda explores how we might see the world in the not-so-distant future.

To view Matsuda’s Hyper-Reality CLICK HERE

With Pokémon Go players exploring the virtual world in our cities, parks and public spaces, the game is a fascinating case study for the unexpected impacts of AR.

StreetChat asks a landscape architect, architect, academic, futurist and millennial to explore what this technology could mean for our cities.

WHITE PAPER EXCERPT  Anthony Brookfield, Landscape Architect |Principal at HASSELL
“Observing the emergence of AR technologies from my position as a landscape architect, it seems there is tremendous potential to significantly re-frame how we use, appreciate and experience the public realm.

“The ability to observe at a glance embedded information such as hotel room availability, office vacancies, train timetables and even restaurant table availability will be very popular.

“Even more elevating is being able to learn something of the rich and layered histories within our great museums, which hide behind our city buildings, streets and open spaces.

“The activation and tourism potential for this technology does seem to be immense, and it will require place managers to come together with major technology providers to give people an experience they will find invaluable.

“I am keen to see this technology evolve in a balanced fashion …”

To read the full White Paper by Street Furniture Australia | Pokémon Go: Augmented Reality and the Future of Our Cities CLICK HERE

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