A unique design challenge has been presented to the architects behind a new 11-storey residential building in the trendy neighbourhood of Mar Mikhael in Beirut. The unique design challenge comes in the form of a heritage listed, charming little cottage built in the 1920’s, which resides adjacent to the construction site. Immediately calling to mind a certain exploratory nursery rhyme, the architects have resigned themselves to literally build under, over and around the building.

Faced with the painstaking task of manoeuvring ideas, concepts and real-world designs for one structure to be built over, around and under an already existing structure, SOMA Architects, the New York-based company behind the building, came up with the idea to employ a cantilever.

Already boasting a captivating exterior design, the cantilever will work to further the illustration of modernity and innovation through architecture, as well as providing extra floor space for the higher levels of the residential complex.

When completed, the stylish new tower is set to house 13 luxury apartments and street-level retail opportunities, as well as adding a contemporary silhouette to the streetscape of the already fashionable neighbourhood in which it will reside.

When you can’t go through it, try going over it.




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