The Netherlands, a country which famously has more bicycles than residents, is running out of places to park their bikes. A proposal has been put forward by NL Architects for a dual use building at Hague Central Station that would offer 6000 more bicycle parking spots, as well as retail outlets.

The Hague main terminal is already undergoing renovations and restorations to ensure it becomes a modern transportation hub. The new bike parking canopy will see itself located at the new entrance to the station, increasing the number of people who use the area; as is hoped by local authorities.

The proposal sees parking spaces by way of a ramp-like structure circulating atop the retail outlets on the ground floor. Glass openings permit the bicycles to be seen from the inside, as well as allowing light to filter through.

NL Architects have worked on previous projects that saw bicycle parking integrated throughout the Netherlands. Given that 70 per cent of all journeys in Amsterdam are made on bikes, it’s no surprise authorities went with a group that had more than a little experience.




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