An indestructible, safe and recyclable bollard

An indestructible, safe and recyclable bollard | da_christie1 | ODS

If asked to describe the perfect bollard, most specifiers would start by listing all the problems with current options.

They wouldn’t want a product treated with CCA toxins. They’d want one that wasn’t dangerous to children and one that could be easily disposed of. They certainly wouldn’t want one that couldn’t even be buried or burnt without poisoning the environment. In a perfect world, their bollard would even be recyclable. It would be totally termite resistant. It would have several times the strength of a pine post. It would resist graffiti and be easy to clean. It would be so tough vandals would have difficulty damaging or stealing it. It would be made using modern composite coating technology and recyclable plantation materials. With a lifespan of at least 25 years, it would be fire and UV resistant. If struck with great force, it would break cleanly and not leave dangerous splinters. Broken bollards would also be returned to the manufacturer for recycling. It would come in a variety of colours and sizes to order and be backed by university tests and detailed engineering reports. And its price would be astonishingly low! Such a bollard would answer every specifier’s prayers …. and it would be called Flexipole!

For more information on the perfect bollard contact your local APP Technical Sales Representative on 1300 135 227 or email

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