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Playground rubber safety surfacing | masterfibre_203 | ODS

MasterFibre Pty Ltd is an Australian company with international affiliates. For over 20 years, it has been one of Australia’s Leading manufacturers and installers of rubber safety surfaces for playgrounds and outdoor areas.

MasterFibre assists Child Care Centres, Schools, Architects, Building Contractors, and Local Government Departments and Councils with information on the requirements to best meet the Australian Standards for safety surfacing.

Wet pour rubber surfaces are a maintenance free solution for safety conscious designers and planners of children’s play area. The application comes in a range of colours and can be installed to suit individual designs and themes, creating a seamless play area with a stunning visual impact. Masterfibre rubber surfacing will brighten and rejuvenate any playground area.

MasterFibre has a range of products that are available to you to enhance the playground area including:

• Rubber shapes consisting of domes, mushrooms, crocodiles, turtles, frogs etc
• Garden and playground rubber edging
• Rubber Post Protectors

Masterfibre, over the past 24 months, has expanded into project management. The project team provides a full range of landscaping and surfacing needs including:

• Sandpit Installation

• Shade Structures

• Concrete Edging

• Playground Equipment

• Synthetic Lawn System

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