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Playground equipment at its best | Playspace_2 | ODS

There has been a vast change in playground equipment in recent years especially after the European Playground standards were adopted. It would appear that the old question which has been on the lips of purchasers for years - “I want something really different this time” - has finally come true.

These items seem to have been embraced by many as the way forward in design and concepts. This is good for the playground industry as it injects new ideas and moves industry away from the old saying “all playgrounds look pretty much the same”.

Playspace has always aimed at achieving the highest quality product, maintaining playground standards and at a competitive price. We design and produce all of our own product and we have always maintained our quality, resisting the urge to use cheap imported products.

Purchasers will not have to wait extended periods for European products to arrive, nor will they have to purchase cheap plastic units with no back up service. Playspace has stood the test of time and our earliest products still look great after many years.

Over the next year we will be creating some brilliant new rope and moving products we believe will surpass our competitors.

Playgrounds are individually tailored for councils, schools, special schools, kindergartens, and child care centres. Rubber and grass under surfacing, shade sails, earth works, paths, edging, park furniture, and major parks are all available features which can be incorporated into our playgrounds.

Service areas: Australia-wide and internationally.
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