New 'Parkline' furniture range - built tough, priced right!

New 'Parkline' furniture range - built tough, priced right! | cox_urban_1 | ODS

A quality range for budget-conscious clients, ‘Parkline’ by Cox Urban Furniture features several batten material options, including low-maintenance ‘Altiform’ recycled HDPE plastic.

Developed with Cox Urban Furniture’s trademark attention to detail, this Australian designed and manufactured range features strong, corrosion-resistant powder-coated aluminium frames, stainless steel fasteners and a choice of batten materials, including:

• LOSP treated pine (a safe alternative to CCA treated pine)
• Dressed and stained hardwood
• ‘Altiform’ glass-reinforced recycled plastic, a high-quality material manufactured from purified blends of post consumer, post industrial and virgin HDPE base resins, reinforced with glass fibre for enhanced rigidity

Essentially maintenance free, the ‘Altiform’ recycled plastic batten (not a wood-fibre composite) has exceptional resistance to moisture, fading, insects, splintering, warping, and other hazards of environmental exposure that can adversely affect wood or wood-fibre composite products.

In addition, it requires no waterproofing, staining or other recurring maintenance and is easily cleaned with soap and water. If necessary, solvents can be used to remove stubborn graffiti without causing damage.

‘Parkline’ products currently include:

• 3-person bench
• 3-person seat with backrest
• 6-person rectangular table setting
• 8-person square table setting

‘Flat-Pack’ delivery for simple self-assembly on site, means lower freight costs and reduced environmental impact.

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