NGIA launches modified Supplier Award

NGIA launches modified Supplier Award | ges_logo | ODS

Nursery & Garden Industry Australia (NGIA), along with sponsor Outdoor Design Source, is pleased to launch the modified Supplier category in the Nursery & Garden Industry Awards.

The Supplier Award is about industry recognition. As a new entry process, NGIA and Outdoor Design Source are asking garden centres and nurseries to nominate the supplier who has contributed the most to the development of their business and/or the nursery and garden industry as a whole.

Nominations close on Sunday July 26, 2009. If you have a supplier that is a pleasure to deal with and makes business easier for you or that is smart and innovative and is helping to progress the industry, nominate them now. This is the best way you can show gratitude to superior suppliers for all they have contributed to your business or the industry. Don’t let top suppliers go unsung!

Jacqui Gibbs, NGIA Marketing & Communications Manager, says: “The Supplier Award is a great honour because entrants in this category are chosen by members of the industry. I urge those of you who have high-quality suppliers to nominate them for this award.”

Jacqui continues: “NGIA is delighted to have Outdoor Design Source sponsor this category and we thank them for their support.”

Presented by Nursery & Garden Industry Australia, the Awards recognise and reward excellence within the nursery and garden industry and acknowledge industry leaders as they strive to achieve best business practice.

Other improvements to the NGI Awards for 2010 include simplified submission requirements and new Propagator and Government categories.

For nomination or entry forms, go to the NGIA website

or contact Natalie Walker; phone (02) 9876 5200 or email

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