Multi-use Precast Modules

Multi-use Precast Modules | envirodomes51-2017041914925836789895 | ODS

Envirodomes produced their first “Barrel Vaulted” module in 2013 and since then, have developed proposals for a wide variety of uses. The pre-cast concrete modules are exceedingly robust and suitable for above or below ground applications.

In addition to catering to a wide range of uses, the pre-cast modules are extremely efficient to design and install. As Envirodomes can organise preparation of land area for installation and transportation to site. Multi-use Precast Modules | envirodomes52-2017041914925836786726 | ODS Multi-use Precast Modules | envirodomes53-2017041914925836788099 | ODS Multi-use Precast Modules | envirodomes54-2017041914925836783840 | ODS Multi-use Precast Modules | envirodomes55-2017041914925836787129 | ODS As for the construction of the modules, each module exit the moulds complete with the floor and shell integral, weighing 14 tonnes and ready to be expertly installed in a range of project locations.

The structures can be used for:

  • Toilets
  • Ablution blocks
  • Camp kitchens
  • Shade structures
  • Cellars
  • Refuges
  • Underground housing
  • Above ground housing

Modules placed side by side in an open trench and buried, create great cellars and underground housing. For these projects, the structure is designed to allow the ends of each space to remain exposed for light, ventilation, and access.

For above ground projects, these modules suit a range of spaces and needs. Modules are extremely suited for use as shade structures, camp kitchens, huts, toilet amenities and more. The structures can function in a singular manner or can function as a pair/ multiple arrangement by placing two or more modules on a level earth pad, separated by the required distance, then spanning between with floor and roof. This leaves adequate space for facilities to be installed.

Infill floors can be timber or pre-cast concrete panels and roof beams bolt directly to cast in ferules, or spaced off to provide a “fly roof”; a necessary element for thermal management in temperate zones.

Preparing the earth pad 300mm below the finished surface results in a completely accessible space without steps or ramps which means the finished project can meet design briefs specifying the need for a range of multi-ability access requirements.

Bare modules are available, as are DIY kits, otherwise, Envirodomes have the know-how and experience to install for a range of projects.

Installation assembly and disassembly is safe, quick and efficient and the team at Envirodomes are readily available to discuss other applications, details, or specific fit outs.

For more information on the modules and how they can be used in your next project, visit the website at

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