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What’s GES all about?

Green Expo Sydney 2009 is an initiative of the Nursery & Garden Industry NSW & ACT (NGINA) and is designed to be exciting, interesting, informative, essential, innovative, stimulating and rewarding. These are reasons enough for any person with horticultural links to attend. This is a ‘trade-only’ event with a very clear purpose - to showcase all that is great about the vast industry that NGINA represents, in a sophisticated expo environment at Rosehill Gardens.

Why now?

GES is being staged at an incredibly important time for our industry. Proactive management is vital in these exceptional times and whether a business is small or large, there is enough to be gleaned from attendance at GES to make it worthwhile. Putting it simply – if you don’t attend, you miss out! Spring is the natural time of year when the gardening public galvanise themselves into action. GES will motivate attendees to capture this momentum.

The ‘Hub of Horticulture’

Sydney is ideally situated geographically to attract and service the horticultural industry up and down the entire east coast and beyond. Plants know no boundaries and it is the aim of NGINA to stage an expo that will attract not only exhibitors but buyers and industry associates from interstate, as well as ‘the locals’! GES is an expo for all the industry and will become an important annual fixture in horticultural calendars. Think MIFGS (Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show).

Something for everyone

With over 110 spaces already filled and over 80 exhibitors of whom over half represent ‘green life’ there is sure to be plenty to please. GES is a ‘sell-out.’ Support from eight sponsors is confirmation that they see this event as important and essential. Several Queensland and Victorian businesses are represented at GES which makes for added interest. The Exhibitors list will be available on the NGINA website shortly.

This expo is for - retailers, growers, landscape designers and architects, maintenance contractors, parks and gardens, councils, students, horticultural media/consultants and any other persons with a trade interest or connection with horticulture.

Fusion Showcase

In the past, Fusion has been held as a separate event at the annual ABC Gardening Expo. GES organisers have decided to link Fusion into this Green Expo and expand it to be an important part of the show.

Each exhibitor at GES is entitled to enter two ‘New to 09’ plants or products. We have received over 65 entries and are over-full. The ‘Fusion Showcase’ Wall is so positioned that all visitors to GES will have to walk past it before entering the trade show. It is a fantastic opportunity for these lines to be highlighted in such a way. An independent panel will be scrutinising all entries and awarding certificates where appropriate. As a visitor, you will be entitled to have your say and vote in the ‘People’s Choice Award’.

Where and When?

GES is being staged at Rosehill Gardens in The Grand Pavilion. Rosehill is ideally located on James Ruse Drive, Parramatta, Sydney and is easily accessed by major freeways. There is ample off-street parking and hotels are within easy walking distance. The facilities at Rosehill are superb and the venue overlooks the famous Rosehill Racecourse.

Brendan Moar of ‘Dry Spell Gardening’ fame and expert landscape designer is officially opening Green Expo Sydney 2009 at 8.30am on August 25.

Dates and Times

August 25: 8.30am – 7pm
August 26: 9am – 12.30pm

Pre-Register now

Visit the NGINA website - and follow the links to download the Registration Form. Fill it in and fax it back. It’s that easy. We’ll do the rest. By pre-registering, you will avoid delays upon arrival – just collect your name badge and enjoy the expo!

This is a vital opportunity for you to mix and mingle, network, plan ahead, source new lines, talk to suppliers, see ‘what’s new this year’ and be part of this sophisticated trade show staged by the Nursery & Garden Industry, NSW & ACT. Kick start spring – bring as many staff along as possible – and remember – this is NOT just another Trade Day. This is Green Expo Sydney.

If you have any enquiries, please contact either Bob Wynyard or Peter Whitehead at NGINA on 02 9679 1472.

Looking forward to seeing you at GES.

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