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New to Australia and New Zealand, Freenotes Outdoor Music Instruments are handmade in the UK for commercial use, the instruments are designed to be used in open public spaces and schools environments.

Freenotes instruments are designed to be easy to play by beginners and musicians alike. Not to be confused with simplistic, un-tuned playground panels or equipment masquerading as musical activities. These instruments are high quality, ruggedized instruments, designed for use in Freenotes by Active Play | ActivePlayOne | ODS Freenotes by Active Play | ActivePlayTwo | ODS Freenotes by Active Play | SwirlCrop | ODS outdoor environments.

Available in a number of installation options including; permanent in ground, surface or slab mount and wall mount is an option for number of instruments. The instruments are suitable for foreshore installations and public space use.

If you are looking for further information on the range of instruments available, please see the Freenotes website,

Product range includes:
Imbarimba, Swirl, Flying Amandinda, Pegasus, Eye Chimes, Tumbano Drums, Amadinda, Manta Ray and a selection of Free Chimes.

Active Play Pty. Ltd.
Ph: 1300 765 434 Fax: 07 3513 2121

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