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Creative excellence and innovation | playspace6 | ODS

Playspace is always striving for creative excellence and innovation in the manufacture of its products. Its latest ranges include many different approaches to using net and rope structures, which, in the past have been freestanding. Playspace not only uses freestanding nets but is integrating ropes and nets into the traditional playground design, creating a totally different feel.

Playspace’s design shown here is one of a traditional playground with the new rope and net products integrated. There is a spider climber and a rope tunnel linking two decks and then onto the wave slide. Adjacent is a three-way cargo net structure linked to a platform with a double wave slide. Next to this is a four- or six-metre rope net climber.

Playspace brings the entire project together with its own installation team. Playspace prepares the site layout, earthworks, retaining walls, paths and fences, installs the playground and lays the rubber impact-absorbent under surfacing. The company can also erect shade sails, if desired.

Playspace will supply DWG drawings for landscape architects and has a full design and consultancy service. Playspace will give you, the client, what you want.

There aren’t any lengthy waiting periods for the project to be completed, nor difficulty obtaining spare parts for maintenance. The product is manufactured in Melbourne, so there is no delay with imports.

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