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SOLARTECHNIQ is a provider of quality stand-alone solar solutions. WE-EF LIGHTING is a global player in the provision of architectural high performance exterior lighting. WE-EF recognises that stand-alone solar lighting is intrinsic to effective lighting and energy solutions. SOLARTECHNIQ, together with WE-EF, provide a complete solar solution with the emphasis on lighting performance and standards compliance. SOLARTECHNIQ products are now available from WE-EF sales partners.


SOLARTECHNIQ offers a range of high performance solar lighting solutions incorporating high quality components and a range of battery and control options.

Our range includes pole mounted luminaires and in-ground lights, as well as a high performance solar bollard (currently in development).

SOLARTECHNIQ has partnered with WE-EF to provide a solar option for the WE-EF VFL530-SE, which incorporates a side entry spigot for direct mounting to the column. OLC® ONE LED Concept technology developed by WE-EF provides multi-layer distribution which is recognised as the industry ‘norm’.

SOLARTECHNIQ also offers a range of standard high-performance in-ground solar light solutions incorporating capacitor battery technology for very long life.


SOLARTECHNIQ systems include solar modules fabricated using cells and manufactured by leading suppliers LDK and Suntech.

SOLARTECHNIQ digital controllers provide smart control of battery charge and discharge conditions. Controllers are factory programmed according to system requirements. Time based programming provides totally flexible operation that can be integrated with motion detection. Systems include USB data loggers to provide operation history and periodic monitoring.

In the same way that WE-EF standard mains powered area lighting products offer a wide range of control functions, we are able to do the same with solar. Whether the requirement is standards compliance, extended operation, motion detection, remote monitoring or a combination, WE-EF CONTROL products are available.

SOLARTECHNIQ Systems can be configured with valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) gel or lead crystal batteries.


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