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Boral is one of the largest building product and construction material suppliers in Australia.

Boral Masonry manufactures and markets a range of large format pavers available in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. In South Australia, commercial pavers and retaining walls are also manufactured, and a supply and install service is offered.


Boral Masonry provides an array of paving solutions in different shapes, colours and textures, with most ranges containing a complementary bullnose paver.

Choose from classic cream and beige shades to bolder charcoals, or from stone-like textures to smoother, subtle finishes.

Suitable for pedestrian traffic such as paths, patios and courtyards, as well as steps and around pools, the Boral paving range is a sophisticated addition to any landscape design.

PAVERS (size | L x W in mm)

Abode® (450 x 450)

Aspenstone® (600 x 400)

Bradstone® Old Town (600 x 300)

Bradstone® Old Town (450 x 300)

Bradstone® Old Town (300 x 300)

Bradstone® Cobbles (450 x 300)

Coast® (400 x 400)

Stoneworks™ (400 x 400)

Stoneworks™ Travertine (500 x 500)

Stylestone™ (400 x 400)

To view the full range of South Australian residential and commercial pavers available, including Promenade™, Classicpave™, Hydrapave®, Interpave™ and Elpave®, visit the Boral website.

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