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The George Bass School is a $14.5 million purpose built special needs school that caters for students with a range of abilities. With specialised facilities, such as a hydrotherapy pool, outdoor learning and play areas and specially designed classrooms, the custom designed school is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of its students.

@Play was excited to jump on board and partner with the NSW Government Architects office and other George Bass @Play | @Play32-2017031514895406078668 | ODS George Bass @Play | @Play33-2017031514895406073259 | ODS George Bass @Play | @Play34-2017031514895406072654 | ODS subcontractors to help create a beautiful new playground for the school's multi-ability students.

The thermoplastic line marked sports facilities, activity markings and play areas make it a breeze for teachers to engage students in bright and exciting sporting activities.

To ensure the long-term safety of the students and teachers, @Play’s thermoplastic paint admits no harmful substances, either during or after application or at the time of removal. In addition, the pigments are organic and do not contain lead or other heavy chemicals.

For long-term use in high traffic areas, @Play ensures the composition of their thermoplastic paint makes the finished product highly UV resistant, allowing the markings to hold their colour over time and endure high traffic use up to 8 times longer than other products on the market.

Thanks to the efforts of @Play and their project partners, the students at George Bass School are able to take part in their weekly ‘Olympics’, using the bright surfaces as part of the activities that help to get the students up and moving to develop and maintain their motor skills. The activity areas provide students room to play the classics like snakes and ladders or test their mettle by racing about on a mini-motor track with custom-made tricycles.

Whatever the need, it seems @Play knows kids, knows safety, and most importantly they know how to play.

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