The Pic Perf® Alternative

The Pic Perf® Alternative | locker1-2017031314893904803358 | ODS

Adding to the design aesthetic of any structure, Pic Perf® by Locker Group produces an indelible image of remarkable clarity in perforated metal in almost any size. Pic Perf® can enhance branding objectives, create a striking visual on shelters, shade structures or fencing, and add flare to essential structural elements.

Pic Perf® is an innovative addition to Locker Group’s architectural catalogue that offers a host of design The Pic Perf® Alternative | locker2-2017031314893904807018 | ODS The Pic Perf® Alternative | locker3-2017031314893904808656 | ODS The Pic Perf® Alternative | locker4-2017031314893904801621 | ODS The Pic Perf® Alternative | locker5-2017031314893904805123 | ODS options through the creative use of perforated metal. Suitable as a facade on new and existing structures, perforated metal is a sturdy and durable material that carries a unique and eye-catching metallic finish.

Pic Perf® is suitable for internal and external use and comes in a range of finishes. Depending on the installation location, clients can choose an anodised or untreated finish, or have their panels powercoated in a range of colours.

Add super-imposed signage, corporate logos or a custom design with Pic Perf® panels, even an entire building facade that makes a statement that can be seen from a mile away. Whatever your size requirements, Pic Perf® can be manufactured to client specifications – it can even be generated in a 3D effect.

Pic Perf® panels can also be utilised as a shade solution. Its ‘holey’ composition filters direct sunlight and provides natural ventilation where required. It also adds a layer of security and privacy, allowing only one-way views from inside out. And, due to its long-lasting materiality, Pic Perf® panels are easily relocated.  No need to recreate new signage if you move, just take your Pic Perf® panels with you.

Creating Pic Perf® panels to your design specifications is simple. Supply Locker Group with your desired image and they will create a viable proof – complete with folds and bolt holes – to your requirements. As site and viewing distances play an important role in the efficacy of Pic Perf® installations, the fully qualified Locker Group team will walk you through the process to help you achieve the best outcome for your needs.

Pic Perf® applications include:

  • Car park screens
  • Balustrades
  • Sunscreens
  • Signage
  • Partitions
  • Artwork/decoration

To find out how Pic Perf® can turn your next project into a work of art visit Locker Group at

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