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Benedict SmartMix 3 – 40mm Structural Soil has been extensively utilised in Sydney and beyond for over a decade. It addresses the dilemma of how to increase soil rooting volume while maintaining sound structural support for pavement. Used in some famous street tree planting areas, such as Homebush Bay in Sydney, you have probably walked on top of the product, without even knowing it!

SmartMix 3 is a blend of specifically chosen basalt aggregate, with the addition of a well researched filler soil component. The basalt offers the structural support through rock to rock contact, while the filler soil provides the horticultural component, adding a degree of water and nutrient holding capacity to the blend. A high quality filler soil, blended with the correct laboratory recommended fertilisers, is a critical component to a successful structural soil blend.

Benedict have a great reputation as a trusted supplier of structural soil, and enjoy excellent support in the Sydney region, however, until now have found it hard to compete in regional areas due to transport costs. But that’s all about to change…

Regional Opportunities for SmartMix 3 (Structural Soil)

In line with the recent product and market analysis, Benedict has discovered that regional opportunities were limited due to price restrictions. These restrictions are a direct result of transport of the finished/complete product into these specific regions.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that the Benedict

Smartmix 3 Filler Soil Component is now available

for sales from our Menangle Sand & Soil quarry. The filler soil component as you are aware is one of the critical components that make our Structural Soil product so effective.

Benedict has decided to sell the filler soil component on its own for a few primary reasons and under certain conditions. It has been noted by regional customers for our product that they have access to local Hard Rock Aggregates at competitive prices therefore it makes no sense carting hard rock aggregates as part of the finished product over long distances.

It is now possible to pick up and store the filler soil component (under certain conditions) for future blending with local aggregates. This will ultimately give you a

more economical, locally sourced Benedict Structural Soil product in your regional area

. The associated carbon footprint will also be much less, considering the basalt has been sourced locally, as opposed to being carted into the region.

The integrity of the product will be maintained as Benedict will advise on blending technique and ratios, and approve the specific aggregate to be used prior to blending.

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