World Urban Parks (WUP)


World Urban Parks is the organisation to go to for international advice, support and getting connected with urban park, open space and recreation issues, people and activity. We combine the experience of our members and partners with opportunities to help build urban parks leadership and bring about significant improvements in cities where rapid urbanisation is occurring.


World Urban Parks will champion urban park outcomes for city liveability, place-making, conservation and access, and provide strong membership services by connecting, leveraging and supporting diverse memberships.

Our Mission

To promote and support the provision, effective management and use of urban parks, open space and recreation world-wide as an integral contribution to healthy communities connected to the natural world

Our Long-term Goals 

  • Park Networks | Comprehensive and well managed urban parks and city open space improving the quality of life for urban dwellers and protecting natural and cultural values.
  • Park, Open Space and Recreation Benefits | The economic, environmental, cultural and social values of urban parks, open space and recreation are well understood and supported across the world  by communities and their governments.
  • People Networks| Urban park, open space and recreation managers and stewards are well connected with ready access to quality information and training to enhance their effectiveness.
  • Global Voice| World Urban Parks is recognised as the global unified voice for urban parks, open space and recreation.


World Urban Parks Incorporated is an international organisation registered in New Zealand. The organisation has a governing board, four regions and three member-based Standing Committees covering conferences, research, standards, benchmarking, awards, membership, partnerships, communications, networks and funding.


  • Advocacy| A global voice supporting the value and benefits of parks and the industry through science and unity.
  • Best Practice| World-class communities, organisations, and professionals recognised for high standards and efficiencies through congresses, benchmarking, awards and certification.
  • Collaboration| Resolving issues and increasing knowledge and capacity through diverse networks of colleagues and partnerships.


World Urban Parks acts as an umbrella to national associations and connects park agencies, non-governmental organisations, universities, research institutes, businesses, community groups, individuals, and allied sectors such as health, tourism, and resource management.


World Urban Parks
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