Lighting Council Australia


Lighting Council Australia was formed to represent Australia's strong, united and ethical lighting industry. As a powerful advocate for the industry, its key goal is to encourage the use of appropriately designed and manufactured high-quality lighting systems and components in the commercial, outdoor, industrial and residential sectors.


  •  Advocates the importance of energy efficient, quality, low environmental impact lighting products and systems
  • Represents the Australian lighting industry to policy-makers and other key stakeholders nationally and internationally
  • Influences international and Australian standards relating to the lighting industry
  • Promotes the use of electrically safe lighting that complies with relevant Australian and international standards
  • Encourages good lighting design, education and training

Lighting Council Australia works closely with regulators and standards organisations on behalf of the Australian industry


Lighting Council Australia members subscribe to a Code of Conduct that emphasises the need to conform to all of Australia’s regulatory requirements, as they relate to lighting. Any person or organisation may lodge a complaint under the Code of Conduct.


Lighting Council Australia has four technical forums that address technical, regulatory and policy matters affecting their sectors. They are:

  • Solid State Lighting and Lamps Sub-industry Group
  • Lighting Controls Sub-industry Group
  • Street Lighting Sub-industry Group
  • Emergency Lighting Sub-industry Group


Lighting Council Australia’s Solid State Lighting Quality Scheme is a voluntary industry scheme that reassures the market that a luminaire carrying the Scheme’s label matches performance claims made by the supplier.

A minimum set of critical parameters are reported by participating LED luminaire suppliers to accurately reflect the performance of their products. Scheme participants provide test reports or other evidence to Lighting Council verifying their claims.

Lighting Council Australia registers the product on a database on its website (, thereby authorising use of a Lighting Council label that indicates conformance to the Scheme's parameters.


Lighting Council Australia provides the secretariat for, and is a member of, the Global Lighting Association. The Global Lighting Association is a grouping of peak national and regional lighting associations representing over 5000 lighting manufacturers and $75 billion (USD) in annual sales.

Lighting Council Australia plays an active role in international lighting standardisation, particularly within the International Electrotechnical Commission.


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